Thursday, 10 February 2011


It is said a picture is as good as a thousand words so maybe I ought to just leave these in place and sign out.....

But, if I did that, you wouldn't know what they were about and that would be unsatisfactory.


 The top picture is of the meeting by Cumbria        
Local Police Authority (public police service 'watchdog') held to inform the public about measures to be taken to cushion the service against the imposed government cuts in funding provision.

Occupying the tables at the front are two members of the LPA and two senior police officers.  Two members of the local police force are sitting on the front row.  The next row shows an Ulverston town councillor being interviewed by a member of the local press, and the row behind them contains the secretary of Ulverston Trades Union Council and his wife.  Two other attendees are missing from the photograph: the local press photographer who completed his task and departed, and the person taking the picture - me! 

The majority opinion at this meeting was that measures to reduce waste and improve efficiency were to be welcomedbut some did not agree with the 'More can be done with less' government propaganda slogan.

The bottom picture shows attendance at the Cumbria County Council 'Public Consultation' meeting held at the same venue (Forum 28, Barrow) as the PLA meeting but in a different studio theatre.  It's hardly a case of 'standing room only', is it?!

Generally, the gathering consisted of persons having a special interest they wished to see preserved - even if this meant others got dumped on.  Interest was maintained by the application of a colourful Powerpoint presentation, a roving microphone and provision of an individual electronic voting device for each member of the audience.

Members of the public were allowed to promote their own particular area of interest but not a single person asked the most obvious question - "Why are we discussing these austerity measures when it was not us who caused the problem?" Which could have quickly been followed by the demand - "Let those responsible for creating this mess pay to clear it up!" 

Meanwhile, the secretary of Barrow and Furness Pensioners' Association ought to have secured a venue for an anti-cuts public meeting and be busy contacting various potential speakers for the event......